Taylor Wimpey Housing Proposals

Rodney Road Field Proposal 2020

September 2020

Please see below BRA’s response to North Somerset Council in relation to the Rodney Road Field planning application

BRA Letter to North Somerset Council 24th September 2020 – Rodney Road Field

and the supporting Traffic Review that was commissioned by BRA

Rodney Road Field Report 23rd September 2020

August 2020


Taylor Wimpey (TW) consulted on this project last November, and we were also able to discuss it at our AGM last February. An Outline Application (NSC reference 20/P/1847/OUT) has been posted on the North Somerset Council (NSC) website, (expired Wednesday 9th September). 

Details can be found on:


This page gives the link to 45 documents, of which 3 are key to a general understanding.

Illustrative Master Plan

This single page gives the site location in relation to West Leigh Infant School and the Playing Fields, with the access from Rodney Road. It also gives a possible layout for the development.

Design and Access Statement

This has 26 pages, giving a summary of the main points such as access, drainage, landscape etc. One of the concluding paragraphs is:

“The document demonstrates that the proposal is a sustainable and modest extension to Backwell, with the landscape, ecology, movement, drainage and place-making strategies being considered as key sustainability components.”

Transport Statement

This has 52 pages. The conclusions near the end of the report are:


“The transport impact of the proposed development on the local road network during peak times is considered to be negligible. It is acknowledged that Rodney Road experiences peaks in traffic demand and on street parking for short periods of times across the day due to traffic activity associated with the school and the Playing Fields.”


“In conclusion and based on the findings of this report, it is considered that the residual cumulative impacts on the road network would not be severe. There are no valid highway or transportation reasons that should prevent the development proposals from being granted planning consent.”

 BRA Response

 Despite the claims above, BRA considers that the application should be rejected for the following reasons:

  1. The narrow (and only) vehicular approach to the site in front of the Scout Hut is too small for the traffic from 65 houses.
  2. There are no adequate routes into the site from any direction. The main route, using Rodney Road, is already busy for most of the day.
  3. The field was not identified for housing in our current Neighbourhood Plan
  4. The field is outside the settlement boundary for Backwell.

Grove Farm Proposal 2016

Taylor Wimpey are proposing a development of 700 houses in Backwell.

The site is located adjacent to the existing limits of the settlement of Backwell and extends to approximately 53.4 hectares of land. It is situated to the south of Moor Lane, north of Chelvey Road and West Town Road and to the west of Backwell itself.

Please see the link below to review the information about the proposal which was published in January 2016.

Grove_Farm_Issue_and_Options_Promotion_v1 (4)

This is only an outline proposal from the developer at this stage. No planning application has been submitted for which comments can be made to North Somerset Council. BRA will alert members if and when this stage is reached.

Taylor Wimpey held an exhibition at Backwell Parish Hall on the 9th November showing the proposed development. The slides from the exhibition can be found on the following link Taylor Wimpey Grove Farm Proposal